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PèpeCello 750ML

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PèpeCello limoncello is a distinctive, all-natural lemon, cold-process maceration liqueur hand-crafted in small batches in Sorrento, Italy. Only 100% I.G.P. certified Sorrento lemons are used in the production of PèpeCello. PèpeCello contains no artificial flavorings, additives or colorings. Limoncello from Sorrento is considered the best in the world, and PèpeCello is listed among the top imported brands in America for flavor and consistancy.

Over the years, family and friends have celebrated food and drink with the traditional Italian toast of “Cent’Anni”, meaning “May You Live 100-Years of Health and Prosperity”. PèpeCello LimonCello continues this tradition with this Pèpe family recipe created in 1902 which has been passed down for generations.

Enjoy PèpeCello’s LimonCello throughout the day. It’s versatile, cool, refreshing, young, and fun! Great for special occasions, family gatherings, and after meal toasts.

The PèpeCello philosophy is “Life is a Spritz”. Our signature cocktail combines, PèpeCello limoncello, prosecco, basil and mint to create the most distinctive pick-me-up and “get the party started” Italian cocktail.

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